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LGLC Continues Conservation Efforts With Latest Acquisition

From summits down to the shoreline, the Lake George Land Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the land within the Lake George watershed. Their efforts continued with the recent acquisition of two new properties in Bolton and Fort Ann.

What’s New with the LGLC?

The summer is upon us and there’s no place superior to Lake George in which to spend the next few months. Locals have always been proud of the pristine conditions of Lake George’s water and the beauty of the surrounding Adirondack mountains. How could it get any better? The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) has the answer – adding two new undeveloped properties towards the effort to protect Lake George.

Last December, the LGLC purchased 159 acres for $411,000 from Bolton resident Clarence Linder, according to The Post Star. The land borders the state’s Pole Hill Pond Forest Preserve and the latest plans included transferring the new property to the state so that it could be added into the 1,300 acre preserve. If you are in the area, be sure to check out the Preserve’s hikes to Bear Knob (yellow trail) or the longer adventure to Pole Hill Pond (blue trail).

The purchase will help protect one of Lake George’s tributaries, as well as the homes of many species of wildlife, including the timber rattlesnake’s breeding range.

Additionally, Susan Moody of The Doctor’s Inn, donated 15 acres of land located near Pilot Knob and Sugarloaf Mountain to the LGLC. Although the LGLC does not have any plans for the land yet, they know that it will be preserved in its natural state for years to come.

Conservation Efforts

With the industrialized and often urban-based world we live in, it is growing even more important to protect natural spaces for current and future generations. In order to assure the water quality of Lake George and the surrounding watershed, the LGLC protects undeveloped lakefront and stream areas, forests, scenic spots, and wildlife species. The preserves around Lake George are open to the public for recreational, educational, and scientific purposes and the LGLC is always working on more projects to improve the region.

A piece of advice: Head outside and take advantage of the beautiful area!

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