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Zip-Line Ride Coming To Lake George

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a bird soaring over Lake George? Want to feel the wind rush by while you take in remarkable views of the Adirondacks? Soon, you’ll be able to! Construction is currently underway on a 3,500-foot zip-line that is sure to be one of Lake George’s most thrilling and unique attractions once it’s completed.

Photo Credit: Zip-Line via photopin (license)

According to WNYT, the ride – dubbed the “Eagle Flyer” – will span from the top of French Mountain to the Wild West Ranch. Riders will fly down at speeds up to 55 miles per hour and will cover the full distance from top to bottom in about one minute.

The current phase of construction involves drilling deep into rock in order to pour the foundations that will eventually support the towers. The attraction is expected to open at some point this summer, but details on an exact date and cost per ride have yet to be worked out.

The man behind the project is Ralph Macchio Sr., owner of the Wild West Ranch. When asked about the appeal of the Eagle Flyer, WNYT quoted Macchio as saying “I think people once they have this experience, will want to do it again.” Macchio described the ride as “priceless” and at 77 is planning to be the inaugural flyer once construction is complete.