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Skaters Stoked For NEW Park!

Over the past few years, advocates for a new skate park in Lake George village have repeatedly stated their case – and their wish is soon to become reality this summer. After much negotiation and planning, teens and adults alike will be able to legally skateboard in the Charles R. Wood Park – and we couldn’t be more stoked about it!

(Complete Skate Park Drawing Design)

Within the next few weeks, the construction company will be chosen for the skate park project, followed by a 30 day approval period. Finally, once the snow has melted and spring is upon us, the construction for the new park will begin!

Phase I of the park refers to the triangular park (in yellow with the ends in brown and white seen above), while Phase II is the inclusion of a skate bowl in the center of the park. Phase I is expected to open by September 2015, if not earlier. However, funds for Phase II are still in the works, and that’s where YOU can help!

Images courtesy of Frank Cavone

Fundraising is underway for Phase II of the park, with a variety of events and donation options available. Currently, bricks and pavers are available for sale, with all proceeds going towards the project. Buyers can have their brick or paver placed along the walkways around the skate park by the Village, and customize them with a message. Larger items are also available for sale including commemorative benches, which can be placed near the park.

Interested in making your mark? Bricks and pavers can be purchased at the Village Hall in Lake George.

Make sure to also check out the following upcoming events to benefit the park:

*More weeks of raffle tickets sales may be added

Custom painted skate decks are also scheduled to go on sale and display at local shops.

The park will have no entry fee and will be open during the daylight hours. The village is hoping to host tournaments and small region-wide competitions at the new skate park in the future as well. Other plans for the park include having available skateboards, helmets and other gear for rent. A snack bar is also an idea in the works. All of this can be possible with your help and donations!

While the new skate park still has many details in the works, there is no doubt that it will be a wonderful addition to the Lake George region. Not only is the park located in a beautiful setting, but it is sure to draw in families with children and teens of all ages, creating a new form of fun and entertainment in the village.

Are YOU excited about the new skate park in the village? Tell us what you think!