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23 Things We Love About The Great Escape

Set to open on May 23, 2014, the Six Flags Great Escape Theme Park is celebrating its 60th anniversary season. If you plan on attending any day of their 4-day opening weekend this Friday through Monday (Memorial Day), bring a non-perishable food item for the Salvation Army, and you can get an admission ticket for only $20.14!

As we reflect on past visits to this summertime staple in the region, and we can think of dozens of reasons to get excited for opening weekend!

In honor of opening day on the 23rd, let’s count down our top 23 reasons we love Six Flags Great Escape:

  1. The Comet:
    A thrilling wooden roller coaster first built in 1927, and easily the most recognizable coaster in the park.
  2. The Raging River:
    I would wait in line all day to ride this one, and then do it again.
  3. The Petting Zoo:
    Make sure you bring the hand sanitizer!
  4. The Mega Wedgie and the Tornado:
    Two of the newer water attractions that spit you out into a funnel of fun.
  5. The Desperado Plunge:
    It is one of everyone’s favorite rides, when it is running that is.
  6. The Pink Whale:
    A nostalgic favorite, once forgotten, but rallied for and re-introduced to the park recently.
  7. The High Dive Act:
    Different every year, but always just as entertaining.
  8. Dippin Dots:
    Where else can you get this funky summer treat around here?!
  9. The Wave Pool:
    The best way to beat the heat.
  10. The Storytown Train:
    A childhood favorite and nod back to the history of the park’s roots.
  11. The SkyCoaster:
    Not really something I would ride, but it is thrilling just watching others who are crazy enough to do it.
  12. The Swan Boats:
    A nice diversion from long lines and crowds.
  13. Blizzard Indoors:
    The scrambler in the dark; you can’t go wrong. It’s the kind of ride that makes your face hurt from smiling! (Yes, this is now back at its original location, and instead of yellow, the exterior looks like a giant igloo!)
  14. Sasquatch:
    If you don’t like your stomach where it is. 😉
  15. The Sky Ride:
    Get a bird’s eye view of the whole park beneath your dangling feet.
  16. The Canyon Blaster:
    A super fun starter roller coaster all the way back in ghost town.
  17. Paul Bunyan’s Bucket Brigade:
    The intense wait for that huge bucket to drop (and watching people scurry to get away after the buzzer goes off — priceless!)
  18. The Boomerang:
    One of the most thrilling coasters in the park, just when you thought “frontsies backsies” was just for cutting lines.
  19. Meeting Cinderella:
    And riding in her pumpkin carriage (I’m a Disney girl at heart).
  20. The Original Story Town:
    Taking pictures in the tiny houses is a must; I don’t care who you are.
  21. The Giant Wheel:
    See it all and be on top of the world – a must at all theme parks.
  22. Exiting through the gift shop:
    There is no getting around it. Literally. And you always find something to make you smile and want to show someone.
  23. And finally #23 – the newest ride opening for the first time this year – The Extreme Supernova!
    We are all sad to see the pirate ship go, but this ride could easily be described as the pirate ship on steroids. Not only is it a larger pendulum ride; but it also SPINS! We can’t wait to try it out!

Did your favorite make the list? What else do you love about Six Flags Great Escape?