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New Improvements at Shelving Rock Area to Provide Better Visitor Experience

On the eastern shore of Lake George, the Shelving Rock Day Use Area is widely recognized as the access point for Shelving Rock Falls, Sleeping Beauty Mountain, and Buck Mountain. In response to the growing popularity of the site, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Town of Fort Ann have announced new improvements that will provide a better overall visitor experience.

Popularity of the Shelving Rock Area

The Shelving Rock Area is located in the Town of Fort Ann and managed by the DEC as part of the Lake George Wild Forest. The area is open for public recreational use and offers camping, hiking, and sightseeing opportunities from the beautiful Shelving Rock Falls to the summits of nearby peaks.

However, in recent years, public safety and environmental concerns due to overuse and overcrowding have forced the DEC and Fort Ann to improve the current parking situation and protect the site’s natural resources for the future.

What’s New at Shelving Rock?

The next time you visit the area, you will find nine parking areas along Shelving Rock Road instead of eight. In an effort to prevent further road erosion, the DEC and Fort Ann have decided to add in a new parking area, rehabilitate the others, and prohibit parking on both shoulders of Shelving Rock Road.

On the adjacent Dacy Clearing Road, crews from Fort Ann, under a DEC contract, will improve the 1.5-mile section between the Hogtown Parking Area and the Dacy Clearing Parking Area this summer. The project will provide upgrades to the ditching and drainage and also involve grading, resurfacing, and raking.

The hope is that these improvements to Dacy Clearing Road will prevent damage from heavy rainfall, result in less road closures, and allow it to open sooner in spring and remain open later in fall.

Overall, both the DEC and the Town of Fort Ann believe these changes to the area will address safety concerns and protect it for many years to come.

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