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Snow or No Snow, Winter Carnivals Will Provide Family-Friendly Entertainment

In recent years, the effects of climate change have been undeniable in the Lake George Region, especially in winter. The amount of snow and ice has been unpredictable, and in the current winter season, we’ve experienced uncommonly warm weather one week and then a snowfall the next. As a result of these changes, the region’s winter carnivals have adapted to provide family-friendly entertainment, snow or no snow!

As a year-round hotspot for outdoor activities, the Lake George Region attracts visitors from all around. During the winter, some of these activities have traditionally included skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, ice fishing, and more.

While local ski resorts such as West Mountain and Gore Mountain can make their own snow if necessary, a lack of snow and ice elsewhere may mean less opportunities for outdoor activities in winter. To counter this unpredictable weather, local winter carnival planners have been preparing activities that can be enjoyed despite the snow conditions.

For example, the popular Lake George Winter Carnival, which takes place every weekend in the month of February, used to plan events around a frozen Lake George. Since it’s become harder to determine if the lake will be frozen or not each year in time for the carnival, events have been adapted to fit any situation.

If there is little snow in the area, then a horse-drawn sleigh ride can easily become a horse-drawn carriage ride. At the Lake George Winter Carnival, rather than host food competitions on a frozen lake, the plan is to have them at the Shepard Park Amphitheater.

Although it’s certainly exciting to feature events on the ice, the Lake George Winter Carnival can be just as much fun on land. Everything from the Open Mic sessions to the LG Dog’s Got Talent Show and the Glacier Golf Tournament can all take place near the lake rather than on it.

This year, the Lake George Winter Carnival’s organizers don’t expect the lake to be fully frozen for the first weekend. However, there will still be plenty of great entertainment for visitors to enjoy!

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