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No Ice, No Problem For Lake George Winter Carnival

For the ninth time in the last eleven years, Lake George will not be frozen solid enough to support the Winter Carnival’s ice-dependent events. Don’t worry, though, Carnival organizers are working hard to secure alternate locations for all activities by the first weekend in February!

Photo: Christina Noel Andrews

“The only ice we have right now is in our refrigerators and freezers and maybe at Stewart’s,” quipped Lake George Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michael Consuelo to ABC News 10. Anyone who has driven through Lake George Village in the last week has probably noticed visible waves rolling through the water, meaning the southern basin isn’t even close to being frozen.

Although on-ice events like outhouse and car races, hockey scrimmages, ice diving demonstrations, and dogsled rides typically attract the most visitors, the Winter Carnival Committee is working on moving all of the popular happenings to the shore.

While there is no frigid weather in the 10-day forecast leading up to the Carnival’s first weekend, organizers are hopeful that the lake will freeze enough toward the end of the month to support events on the ice. The Winter Carnival takes place all four weekends in the month of February.

As alternate locations are announced, we will be updating the schedule of events on our Winter Carnival page. Be sure to check frequently for the most up-to-date information!