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Book Stations Spreading Literacy Throughout The Region

If you’ve been walking or driving through Lake George or Glens Falls recently, you may have noticed wooden cabinets with a built-in bench popping up. These all-weather cupboards are book stations, and they’re being installed and stocked by a local foundation for use by anyone!

Ben’s Book Stations are just one of the many efforts the Ben Osborn Memorial Fund has made in the last five years to help children with anything they might need. The fund was established by Lake George’s William and Beverly Osborn after their son, U.S. Army Cpl. Benjamin D. Osborn, lost his life in Afghanistan.

The first book station, located in Lake George’s Usher Park, can hold approximately 200 books. Two more stations were recently installed by students in Glens Falls outside Bluebirds’ Nest Preschool and Abraham Wing School, which can hold 80 and 150 books, respectively. The stations are always unlocked, and anyone is free to enjoy a book on the accompanying bench or bring one home. 

There’s no obligation to return any books, as the Ben Osborn Memorial Fund ensures the stations stay stocked with donated items. According to The Post Star, about 15 more stations are under construction throughout the region.
Through Ben’s Book Stations, the Memorial Fund hopes to spread literacy throughout the region and make sure everyone has access to good books. Those interested in donating to the cause can simply drop books into the wooden box that’s located with the cabinets.