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Here’s A Toast To National Martini Day!

Martinis are like the chameleon of alcoholic beverages. They can be simple or extravagant, made with vodka, gin, or other bases, and come in a full rainbow of colors and flavors that appeal to a wide audience like no other drink can. Unlike chameleons, though, martinis have an official day! That’s right, June 19 is National Martini Day! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up three of the best martinis in Lake George. Once you read about these delectable drinks, you’ll want to get out and celebrate the special day for yourself!

Our first featured martini, as shown above, is The Boardwalk Restaurant’s Mr. Moose Moonshine Martini. This beverage combines Devil’s Den Apple Pie Moonshine, made locally at Courage Distillery in Saratoga, with apple juice, caramel swirls, and a cinnamon sugar rim for a unique twist on Upstate New York’s apple picking prowess. Sip this martini on The Boardwalk’s deck while you take in beautiful views of Lake George!

Next up is The Log Jam’s Pama-Tini made with pomegranate liqueur, vodka, triple sec, and finished off with a lemon twist. This fruity martini would be best enjoyed with one of The Log Jam’s succulent dinner entrees, like fresh fish or juicy steak. The restaurant serves dinner every night, so you have plenty of opportunities to go sample the Pama-Tini and The Log Jam’s other specialties!
Last, but certainly not least, is the Grape Cosmopolitan Martini from The Algonquin. Made with Three Olives grape vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime, and a splash of cranberry, this light pink martini contrasts gorgeously against the lake and the mountains that surround The Algonquin’s outdoor tables. When you go to try this drink, be sure to save room for a homemade dessert!
While these three martinis may be the best in Lake George as far as we’re concerned, it’s possible you could find your favorite at another local bar or restaurant. Regardless of where you go, celebrate National Martini Day with one of these special beverages, and remember to always drink responsibly!
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