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Adirondack Winery Keeps Getting Better With Age

It’s common knowledge that wines get better as they age, and I think the same could be said of wineries. Adirondack Winery is celebrating its 7th Anniversary with a brand new look and a can’t-miss celebration on April 11th!

Before we get to the party details, let’s start with their stunning new look! Not only has Adirondack Winery made the move to adorn its bottles with new labels, but it has undergone a full transformation, including a new logo, new branding, and a new website.

The makeover was inspired, according to Adirondack Winery President Sasha Pardy, by a desire to give customers a clearer picture of what the Winery is all about. “While our original logo has served us well, over the past couple years I had developed a feeling that we needed a logo that would better communicate what we are all about; better encompass the feeling of Lake George, the Adirondacks, and the role our winery plays in this community,” Pardy said. You can see the difference between the old (left) and new (right) logos below and we love the new look!

The new logo and labels are the result of a collaboration between Adirondack Winery and Rochester-based packaging design firm, A3 Design. Of the new logo, Pardy said, “[It] truly represents what we’re all about. It says, ‘Pull up an Adirondack Chair, pour a glass of Adirondack Winery wine and relax while you take in the beauty of the Adirondacks.’” The new labels still showcase the unique landscapes that have made Adirondack Winery wines stand out on shelves for the past seven years, but now feature artwork versions of professional photography of the region adorned with a die cut outline of the Adirondack Mountains.

To accompany the logo and labels, a new website, designed and built by Ms. Pardy, was launched at the end of 2014. Since the introduction of the new logo and labels, the Winery has been slowly transitioning into its new branding, which encompasses not only the wines themselves, but also brochures and marketing materials, and an interior renovation of their Lake George Tasting Room that will debut in April!

In honor of the new brand and seven years of successful operation as “the original winery of the Adirondacks,” Adirondack Winery will be presenting its 7th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, April 11th and you won’t want to miss it!

The event will take place at the poolside event space at the Ramada in Queensbury and will be catered by the award-winning Rainer’s Gourmet Inspirations. Each of the dishes has been specially selected for the event, and many will be infused with Adirondack Winery wines. In addition to dinner and dessert, you’ll also receive a set of wine sampling tickets, a souvenir wine glass, fun games, a chance to enter raffles for more than $750 in prizes, DJ entertainment and a dance floor, and more for just $35! Worried about getting home safely? The Ramada will be offering special room packages in honor of this celebration.

The 7th Anniversary Celebration is not to be missed, so make sure you buy your tickets and book your room today! While you’re at it, head to Adirondack Winery on Canada Street in Lake George and check out their new look for yourself. With this year’s new brand and huge celebration, we can’t wait to see what Adirondack Winery has in store for its 8th Anniversary!

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