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Surfside on the Lake Opens New “Rooftop Cabana Bar”

When I heard the Surfside in Lake George was opening a Roofttop Cabana Bar I absolutely had to check it out. What better way to spend a vacation than relaxing by an outdoor bar, sipping a frozen drink, and taking in the beautiful view? The only problem is- “Cabana Bar” can mean a lot of things; I have seen everything from a dirty carpet outside a rundown building where people are drinking beers (Cabana Bar?) to a luxurious outside paradise where people in bathing suits sip on cocktails. I had no idea what to expect at the Surfside but I can tell you I was very impressed.

I grabbed a notebook, pen, and my cellphone to snap a few pictures for you and walked the few blocks from my house to Surfside on the Lake. It was absolutely scorching and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day than to check out an outdoor bar. I have never been to this resort before, so I entered the hotel lobby to ask for directions. When I walked in I thought, “this is exactly what I would picture when I hear “Surfside”; a modern, beachy setting with aqua hues and a decor that screams “vacation.” The receptionist politely instructed me how to reach my destination so I left the air conditioned heaven that was the lobby and stepped back into the Sahara Desert to find my bar.

The Rooftop Cabana Bar is located in the last building on the property in the back. When you enter onto the floating landing you automatically are taken back by the incredible view of the lake. Places all across Lake George boast that they have the “best view in town” but I do think this is one of the coolest I have seen.

It is like looking at a panoramic photograph of the body of water and sits right next to the Surfside’s private beach. Families were bustling all around me; some waded in the pool while others strapped on their life jackets ready to take on the lake but I spotted where I needed to be: The Bar.

I pulled up a brightly colored chair and continued to take in the view as I waited for the bartender to approach. The setting is kind of out of place for Lake George but in a good way. There aren’t rustic chairs or signs like “Gone Fishin'” placed strategically throughout the place like a lot of bars in the area. I am all about the Adirondacks, I love them, but I have to admit it was neat to see a fresh take on things.

The chairs are brightly colored and so inviting; I wanted to grab a book and lounge in one for the rest of the day (ugh responsibilities). The area surrounding the bar is tropical and resort-like and there is a huge landing provided with tables and umbrellas to snack and drink to your heart’s content. Needless to say, I love what they’ve done with the place, and I was excited to learn more about how it has been going.

Brian Davidson, the restaurant manager, greeted me with a smile and asked what I would like. I drooled over all of the frozen specialties that the bar had to offer but I opted for a water instead. I introduced myself and began asking what this place was really all about.  Brian said their summer is just really beginning to pick up but the Rooftop Cabana Bar officially opened on Memorial Day. He says he was surprised at how busy it has already been; Americade was an especially good time for the new bar and really welcomed the new addition with a bang.

I asked what the crowd is like and Brian told me it is a mix of everything. Many are lodging customers of the Surfside, but the Rooftop Cabana Bar also gets some foot traffic now and then. The bar is advertised in the hotel rooms so visitors are aware of everything they have to offer. The bar is open for business at 12 pm and caters to guests all day until 8 pm. Visitors of the hotel even have the option of charging their tabs to their rooms! Is it weird if I, as a local, want to take a vacation here?

Brian offered me a take-home menu, and I was shocked at all there was to choose from. The bar offers everything from starters (think wings, mozz sticks, steamers, and crabcakes) to sandwiches, paninis, burgers and steaks! I am definitely going back for a Vegetarian Panini with Mozz, Tomato, Basil and Pesto and perhaps a Frozen Creamsicle on the side. Not only is the menu impressive, but the drink selection is to die for!

This small little spot on a roof holds more options than huge establishments I have frequented! I was blown away at what an awesome addition the Rooftop Cabana Bar is to the Surfside on the Lake and I can’t wait to go back and visit. Brian tells me that there might be some more projects in the works and to stay tuned to see what the Surfside will do next!

Check out the Surfside’s new Rooftop Cabana Bar for yourself anytime from 12 pm to 8 pm and tell us what you think by commenting below! To stay informed about new hot spots in the area or to learn more about vacationing in Lake George visit LakeGeorge.com!