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Sugar & Spice Country Shoppe Ravished By Soot

Sugar & Spice Country Shoppe in Ticonderoga didn’t shut down once during the soot-filled crisis they experienced in early November.

There has been some holiday misfortune at the Sugar & Spice Country store and the whole staff there have had to do some damage control, which included cleaning floors, walls, ceilings and all their holiday merchandise.

Sugar & Spice’s cozy interior is the busiest this time of year, with gift-ready gift baskets, toys, candles and potpourri lining all the shelves. Favorites such as the Herbal Star holiday candle collection, soy-blend candles with yummy scents like Prancer’s Pumpkin Treats and Pine Star Shine, all needed to be cleaned by hand over the past few weeks. The Sugar & Spice staff were are up and running during the whole process, working around the cleaning crew 10am to 5pm daily.
Much of its inventory needed to be disposed of and the shop is now in the process of restocking and they are shooting for November 16 and  17 as their Christmas Open House this year (typically they have a Sneak Peek and a Christmas Open House but this year they will have just one Open House).
Sugar & Spice promises it will be a wonderful holiday 2013 as every day they are making progress, never closing during the whole fiasco. Stop in for some yummy candles, a much needed piece of jewelry (new arrivals are in), a new scarf or just to say hello.