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Lake George Time Lapse Video SUNRISE — Anchor Films

A Lake George time lapse video recently made by Anchor Films is incredible! Very rarely does anyone manage to capture and so perfectly represent the lake with such simplicity! A poetic ode to the extravagant beauty of nature, see a Lake George sunrise like you haven’t before!
This Lake George time lapse video is breathtakingly unbelievable, yet quite short. Several hours of footage capturing a Lake George sunrise comprises only half a minute. Somehow, through their impressive mastery at Anchor Films, they manage to make it seem natural and seamlessly flowing.
This amazing Lake George time lapse video is a perfect picture of the lake, complete with the movements and never-ending daily circle of outdoor life’s rhythm. The symphonic visual harmonies of a Lake George sunrise resound throughout the whole clip.

About Anchor Films: Anchor Films
Co-Founders, Matt Ayers and Brian Myers
, come from a background of commercial
and event filmmaking and photography. They just kicked off a weekly
timelapse series
, and while visiting recently, produced this beautiful Lake George time lapse video from the shore of Waltonian Island.