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Lake George Makes Yahoo Homepage

Today, we logged onto Yahoo and were pleased to see Lake George making national headlines yet again. This time, the associated press was recognizing Lake George for its efforts to become the “smartest lake in the world.”
An advocacy group is joing IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to announce its 3-year project to monitor the lake from the shores to the dark depths.

Sensors will be put in place to analyze stream runoff, rainfall, wind, currents, salinity, chlorophyll and nitrogen. These sensors will be placed along lines of anchored buoys. Other high tech devices such as stream gauges, self-propelled underwater robots, weather stations, and Doppler units will also be used to collect data.
IBM’s supercomputer will take that data and provide researchers with a 3-D image of the lake. This clear picture of the lake’s circulation will not only provide a foundation of studying issues in the lake but also help study the invasive species that are present. 
Fund for Lake George executive director, Eric Siy, says, “we do not have a complete picture of Lake George scientifically, and we need it.” This announcement marks the start of the 3-year project to help Lake George.
Researchers’ goal is to keep the Adirondack attraction pristine while monitoring the chemical composition of the lake. These high tech sensors have been used in other bodies of water but not together in such a comprehensive way.
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