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Ramen Noodle Art Exhibition At Courthouse Gallery

Sang Wook Lee is an artist that uses his favorite food from childhood as his materials to create works of art, Ramen noodles. He will be using the Korean staple, Ramen noodles, on a site specific installation at the Courthouse Gallery that will be open for the public beginning Saturday, November 10. 
Sang Wook Lee grew up in South Korea and was used to eating the famous Ramen instant noodles regularly. He uses the regular Ramen noodles because of how cheap it is. He wishes he could use his favorite, Shin “spicy” Ramen, but it costs $1.20 and regular is only 10 cents. He uses the classic dried noodles to create different shapes and objects out of the blocks of noodles.

The first time Sang Wook created a sculpture out of Ramen was in 2003. When he first started, the cooked Ramen art would spoil, so he would use cotton yarn that was hardened with white glue instead of the real thing. Now he mostly creates pieces with uncooked noodles. 

Sang Wook says: “Conceptually, the idea of using Ramen noodles as a material was appealing due to their cultural unambiguity. For many Koreans they trigger memories of family, gatherings, ceremonies, and place. Reflections on their formal, transformative, and innate ability to conjure up visions of my homeland inspired me to implement them as a narrative device in a new series of works.  Formally, the noodles are contained chaos. Within each square block lies a seemingly controlled universe composed of a matrix of edible, soft, organic lines. Once cooked however, they are unbound and transform into a whirling composition of soft, lyrical lines.”

Currently Sang Wook is a professor of Textile and Fiber Arts in the art Department at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, November 10, from 4 – 6 p.m. The exhibition will be running at the Courthouse Gallery until Friday, December 14.  Learn more about the Ramen moodle art expo