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New York State Allows Casino Gaming

After almost a decade of debate, lawmakers have agreed to legalize casino gaming in New York State. On Wednesday, March 15, the first of two constitutional amendments needed was passed, allowing up to seven new casinos to operate in New York.
While the locations of the said casinos have not been announced, and won’t be until 2013, there is talk of the possibility of bringing a casino to Lake George village.

Could the Queen of American Lakes become home to a casino? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the Assembly and Senate will now begin the process of amending the state constitution. This will then be voted on and ratified by the people.

Whether you are for or against the amendment, there is no escaping the fact that legalizing casinos has the potential to create thousands of jobs, while keeping the tourism and revenue that accompany gaming in New York state.

This could be great for Lake George‘s economy especially in the winter months.

What are your thoughts about casinos in New York, and more specifically Lake George? Do the pros outweigh the cons?