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Video Of the Lake George Elvis Fest

Lake George Elvis Festival is a celebration of The King's music.

Video Transcript:


[Jason Sherry, Festival Organizer:] The Elvis Festival is a four day event here in Lake George. It includes an Elvis Tribute Artist competition where we have 60 Elvis Tribute Artists coming in to compete for prizes. We have Youth Tribute Artists that are between the ages of 12 and 16, then we do a Non-Professional Competition, these are guys who maybe just do this on the weekend or from time to time at a party, and then we have a Professional Division who are talented guys, talented singers in their own right, who perform and make the majority of their living as Elvis.

You'll see lots of things throughout the Village which are pretty exciting. We do free concerts in the park and we do events at different restaurants and bars. And then we also do headline concerts. We have Elvises that'll go out on the Lake George Steamboat boats so you can buy a ticket and go on the boat.

The parade is something that kind of grew because we have some volunteers with our festival who happen to be '50s car enthusiasts. It starts down at the High School. All the Elvises get in the classic cars and they drive up from the High School here to the Forum, so there's lots of stuff going on during the day Saturday. Then we'll go late into the hours at places like King Neptune's Pub and the Boardwalk Restaurant

You have people who are coming here because they want to honor The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis himself, and they want to re-live a moment in their own history and their own past, which is wonderful. But then you also have people who come simply for the entertainment factor of it's just a tremendous amount of music. Elvis' songs, even if you're not an Elvis fan, you may know alot of his music, so they enjoy that. And then the new neat thing that's happening is that we have a younger and younger crowd coming to see particular tribute artists who come. You know, alot of these guys are in their 20s and they're handsome and they're performers and entertainers in their own right and they have fans that travel around the country to see them perform, so it's really a wide range of audiences.

[Festival Attendee 1:] It's very quiet and peaceful. The mountains are beautiful, the lake is beautiful, the Elvises are gorgeous, what else could you want.

[Festival Attendee 2:] I think it's terrific. I love it, with the mountains on the one side, the beautiful pristine lake on the other. I think the venue is great! It's really neat to have everything so close. Everybody seems to be having a good time, Elvis is still The King.

[Festival Attendee 3:] We love it, it's beautiful. And everything's being run really good, and fun fun fun.

[Festival Attendee 4:] We spent all day watching Elvis yesterday. I think it's very nice, somebody put alot of work into it. We appreciate it.

[Festival Attendee 5:] We've been following Elvises all over, but we love the area, it's beautiful, people are nice, the Elvises are wonderful, we take pictures, we have our scrapbooks with them. It's just a really really great time for anybody that ever wants to come and enjoy Elvis, this is a really neat place to be.

[Jason Sherry, Festival Organizer:] The tickets for the event go on sale in November and the best seats generally sell out in the first week. If you really want to come, plan on it early, get your name on our email list, and we'll make sure you have lots of information.

[Narrator:] The Lake George Elvis Festival, another part of your experience.

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