Throwback Thursday

Adirondack Winery: A Local Holiday Favorite

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, I wanted to highlight a local business that has year-round popularity, but speaks to the holiday spirit. So, I got in touch with Adirondack Winery to find out a little bit more about what makes them tick and how they came to be!

The Adirondack Winery opened it’s doors in April of 2008. Since then, they’ve seen their business blossom incredibly, in just 5 short years. Owners, Sasha and Mike Pardy have been passionate wine makers for years, sharing their talents with family and friends. They soon came to realize that this passion could be translated into a small business where they could share the fruits of their labor with a larger audience.

While Adirondack Winery has always been at 285 Canada Street, they’ve seen some major changes due to the popularity of their wines. Seen above, the original tasting room and bar entertained about 15 customers. By 2011, they realized a remodel and expansion was in order, and now they serve up to 40 customers at a time. They also had to relocate their wine-making equipment to an off-site facility in Queensbury.

Sasha and Mike love having their business in Lake George, because it brings customers from near and far who share the same appreciation for wine. People from all over the country come back to visit year after year, providing a unique connection between them.
Stop in on the way to your next holiday party, or any time of year. You can also order their wine online as a gift for the wine lover in your family. Find out more here.