Memories of Lake George

Sharing the Love

Last week I was asked why I began this blog.  I knew many other people who were writing their own blogs, and I was very intrigued by the idea.  As a writer, I am always searching for new creative outlets, but there was something that ran much deeper–I had a fervent desire to share my love of a place that is engulfed with history and memories of vacations with my family and friends.  Simply put, I am sharing the love.

As I look back since the inception of my personal blog on this site, I take full pleasure in the knowledge that sharing my passion for Lake George has broadened the horizons for those who may not have been aware of how much the Adirondacks have to offer.  Several times I have been approached through my social media page or in personal circles about how much the blog has enlightened them to a new perception of LG and the surrounding towns.  Some have even inquired about more specific information, which I am more than happy to discuss about.

As I move forward, I will begin to include posts about places that are no longer present.  I want to include them because they were all part of why Lake George became so special to me, and this would be a tribute to them.  Memories keep us going and help us to appreciate who and what we have in front of us every day.  My blog has a purpose and a mission to share with and uplift others—and that is why I continue to write.

Have a blessed week!!