Memories of Lake George

An Embracing Experience

Last month I posted an entry about my New Year’s Eve adventure on the Lac Du Saint Sacrement party cruise.  My mother and I booked reservations for three nights around that event date.  As the majority of our vacations take place in the summer, our consistent lodging choice is the Admiral Motel located by Lake George village (which I will post about in future entries).  Now that we were traveling in the winter, we needed a different place to stay, as the Admiral (and several other motels in the area) were closed for the winter months.  This is when we immediately thought of the Best Western of Lake George.

My family members and I often passed the Best Western on our way home to New Jersey, as the hotel is conveniently located by Exit 87, which is the Northway route.  We often pondered where we would stay if we ever traveled here in the off-season, and this place looked very inviting.  My mother and I made the decision to book our room at the Best Western, and we loved every minute we were there.  I chose to post about the Best Western at this time so that if any of my readers were planning a getaway in the near future, this is the place to stay.

The picture I posted in this entry is located in the back of the hotel, but it provides a charming view of the Best Western leading into a winter twilight sky.  The picture also includes a magnificent shot of Prospect Mountain, one of my favorite natural attractions to visit.

From the moment we arrived, my mother and I were greeted and treated like family.  Our front desk agent, Christy, was absolutely warm and welcoming, and by the time we departed, we felt like a member of the family there.  There was a wonderful gentleman who helped us with our luggage, both at check-in and check-out.  The hotel offers a spectacular continental breakfast, which was very convenient, as the majority of our breakfast spots were closed for the season.  The breakfast included scrambled eggs, sausage, bagels, toast, juice, coffee, tea, cereal, AND a waffle maker (my mom was so proud of the waffle she created).  There was a fantastic lady who oversaw the breakfast area each morning we were there, and kept
things running smoothly and efficiently.  We could not have been more pleased!

At night, the lobby was a favorite place to hang out.  As it was the holiday season, the lobby was decorated with a gorgeous Christmas Tree, and there was a fireplace going with a TV located above it.  The first night we arrived, my Mom and I stayed in the lobby to watch our game shows on a very comfortable couch.  Christy treated us to popcorn, and the hotel always has coffee available (a big plus in my book!).  It literally felt like home.

I would highly recommend the Best Western of Lake George as a lodging choice, especially at this time of the year.  There was snow when we were up there, and we loved looking out our window each morning and seeing the sun and snow in the surrounding woods and mountains.  Our room we stayed in was lovely, and there was an indoor pool and hot tub to enjoy while we were there. You will love it just as much as we did! 🙂