Memories of Lake George

Bucket List Item Checked Off!


Happy New Year to all of my readers!!  I pray everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2015 and all that the year has to offer.  As I look back on 2014, I must say that the most awesome highlight for me was how my mother and I celebrated New Year’s Eve—on the magnificent steamboat Lac Du Saint Sacrement. 

I am sure many of you are familiar with the term “bucket list” from a movie where one of the main characters has a list of all the places, events, etc. that he wishes to complete prior to his passing away.  I have my own personal bucket list that keeps growing every week, but I love when I can check one off the list; the NYE Party Cruise on the Lac was one of those events (even though the item is checked off, I plan to do this again!).  I made our reservations in November, and we were counting the days until this trip would become a reality.  It was an experience that went way beyond our expectations!

The night began with us arriving to pick up our tickets, and the staff accommodated those who wished to remain warm inside until boarding the Lac.  While my mother and I waited inside the ticket house, we enjoyed the various couples and groups who picked up their own tickets.  Some were dressed formally, while others treated it like a costume event and dressed accordingly (our favorite was a man who came in with a bear coat/costume).  As frigid as it was outside, it was a great idea!  It was perfect comic relief and a precursor to a very fun and amazing evening!

When the time came to board, we were greeted cheerfully by the crew and the server staff inside.  It was such a huge difference to see the crew in heavy winter outer coverings, as opposed to the summer when people are sweating from the heat!  My mother and I were given the same table that we had when we took the brunch cruise over a year ago!  The rate package included 2 complimentary drink tickets, a fabulous buffet, and a champagne toast at midnight!  The selections on the buffet were very enticing, and many of us went up for more than one serving!  Our server was wonderful and very attentive, always checking to make sure we were taken care of.  All through the night, people were dancing and laughing and just plain having a fantastic time!  I chose to take a lot of pictures, two of which I chose to share here.  As midnight was about to come, we were all together and counted the final seconds until that magical moment of a new year emerged.  We hugged, celebrated, cheered, and took in a magnificent fireworks display over Lake George.  The colors were absolutely brilliant!

I would encourage everyone to make this a bucket list item!  My mother and I had the time of our lives and wish for others to do the same!!