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Tools for Chair Making: Travisher or Compass Plane with David Abeel.

Chair Making Tools Photo
When: Today 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Cost: Tuition $105. Member Tuition $85. Materials fee $100.

Choose to make a travisher or compass plane. Both are wonderful assistants for excavating, carving and shaping Windsor chair parts. The Travisher is a curved bladed spokeshave. It allows the user to hog material or to take a more nuanced shaving especially on concave surfaces. This travisher will have an adjustable blade position to adjust the mouth for deeper cuts and to remove it for sharpening. The Compass Plane is very similar to the Scrub Plane sporting a narrow blade with a curved cutting edge. The key difference:  the sole of the compass plane is curved on two planes so its blade can be used very effectively to hog seat material on any concave surface. This tool is safer and easier to control than the adze when aggressive excavation begins. On class day students will work with a 01 tool steel blank, grind a bevel, bend a curve and create two horns ready for heat treating. They will then heat their blade to 1500 degrees, quench in oil, and then temper at 400 degrees to achieve a toughness and hardness of roughly R 60. Blades will then be fitted to a wooden tool body using the drill press, sander, bandsaw and a variety of chisels.

#1482-0721. 1 day.

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