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Dynamic Gentle Yoga classes & workshops

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When: Friday, Sep 20, 2019 until Sunday, Sep 22, 2019
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Cost: varies by session; early bird pricing available through Sept 6; go to for more info

Experience new dimensions of Gentle Yoga practice as you immerse yourself in a progressive practice, exploring the Mild, Medium and Strong varieties of Dynamic Gentle Yoga (DGY) practice over the course of Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a training day for yoga teachers.

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Friday 6:00-8:30 pm DGY MILD – Dynamic Gentle Yoga Stretch II

This Friday evening class is a refined sequence of Gentle Yoga standing and floor poses designed to be accessible and empowering to all students who can practice mat yoga. Physically this style consists of slow, smooth, and soothing movements, exploring a mindful entry to each posture. This active stretching approach empowers a practice that honors the capacity of each individual’s body. Methodical breath practice and cueing during movement cultivates the dynamic experience of stimulating prana and focusing attention inward, evoking a meditative steadying of the mind.

This sequence has been honed over many hundreds of classes, tweaked to accommodate the needs of students with a wide variety of abilities and limitations, providing a safe practice yet not sacrificing the depth of stress relief and peace of mind that many seek in their pursuit of yoga.

Saturday 9:30-12:30 pm DGY MEDIUM – Asana: Steady Alignment, Breath, and Core

On Saturday morning, you will be guided through a sequence of essential Gentle Yoga postures rooted in alignment, breath and core stability. You will experience a grounded practice anchored in empowering alignment cues and focused breath sequencing, all synchronized with core stabilization.

Incorporating the methodical, breath-based DGY style, entering poses is an awareness-expanding exploration of the spectrum of the asana. Through incremental progressions a vibrant sense of your body’s capacity will be revealed. Take a profound journey inward, riding on ever-building currents of vitality, ease, and rock-sold steadiness.

This is a well-balanced, thorough sequence of poses and modifications that are accessible to all students who can practice mat yoga.

Saturday 2:00-5:00 pm DGY STRONG – Prana Glow: Sustain the Pose for Deep Release

This class on Saturday afternoon dives into deeper practice, exploring the sustaining phase to build energy and stimulate the flow of prana, your vital energy. The transformational power of yoga results from stimulating the flow of prana while steadying the mind. Stimulating prana helps to ripen and harvest “issues in the tissues.”

  • Experience the effect of holding poses a little longer than usual.
  • Learn how to use breath and awareness to sustain poses without sacrificing safety.
  • Experience how yoga can flush psychological and emotional nuggets to the surface so you can return to your natural state.
  • Discover how depth practice kindles wholeness, insight and a healthy glow; see with new eyes.


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